Siren Craft Brew Caribbean Chocolate Cake (7.4%)

Caribbean Chocolate CakeBrewed in collaboration with Cigar City Brewing, this Stout has been brewed with Cacao nibs and lactose, and aged in Cypress wood, and that sounds quite good doesn’t it?
And it is quite good, but only quite good.
You see, this beer feels like it’s trying too hard to be something special.
It’s a good Stout, don’t get me wrong, but it’s not as amazing as it pretends to be.
Sure, there’s a slick creaminess from the lactose, and yes, there’s a good vanilla pod and espresso richness coupled with deep dark chocolate and a hint of tamarind in the treacle base of the malts, but everything becomes a bit too sickly, a bit too overbearing.
It means that rather than wishing you had more, this beer makes you glad you only have a small amount as it becomes so cloying that you simply want it to be over and done with so that you can find something to freshen your face up with.
Sticky, sickly and a bit too much, sometimes less is more.

Source: The Offie

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