Sly Fox Brewing Co. Grisette (5.6%)

GrisetteA working class beer it might be, but to me this is nothing more than a light and watery Saison.
And I suppose that that is what a Grisette is, an easy drinking beer of the Saison style that was provided at the end of the working day, or maybe I’m wrong.
Someone will go to great lengths to correct me, I’m sure.
Anyhow, what you get here is the honey and French bread, sour dough and caramel of a Saison, along with the light mushroom and hay bale thing.
You also find some lemon rind, a pinch of white pepper and a splash of hedgerow greenery, but everything seems a long way away, as though someone’s calling out the ingredients to you from a different room, and that leaves you with a finish that feels thin and insubstantial.

Source: Beer of Europe

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