Beavertown Applelation (8.7%)

ApplelationI love Beavertown.
I love the people there and I love their beer, but once upon a time they made a beer that I absolutely hated.
It was their Kvass.
And now they’ve made another one, though I wanted to like it very much indeed.
Applelation is a “Bramley Apple Saison” and it starts out alright, but by the second or third swig it becomes very difficult to drink.
What begins as a crisp and fruity Saison with lots of earthy spiciness from the yeast and toffee apple malts that are sticky and gooey, quickly becomes a sickly and cloying boozy alcohol beast that leaves a nasty, almost vomit like, finish that made me pour most of it down the sink.
Well, you can’t win them all.

Source: The Beer Hawk

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