Mad Hatter Brewing Co. Golden Oak (9%)

Golden OakIt’s early on a Tuesday evening and I’m just getting the kids showered and ready for bed.
I fancied something to drink and picked Golden Oak out of my little beer fridge.
I read the right hand side of the label which says that this is a Strong Golden Ale aged in white wine barrels and thought, “ooh, that’ll do.”
But I didn’t read the left hand side of the label until after I’d opened, poured and taken a swig.
The left hand side of the label says “9%”.
Either Tuesday evening is going to get interesting or I’m going to pass out halfway through reading a bedtime story to the children.
Any old way up, Golden Oak is yet another winner from the Mad Hatter gang.
It pours an unsurprising gold and smells of honey and walnuts and white wine.
You find a good caramel, wafer and hay bale malt and some sharp and snappy hedgerow hops, but what really makes this beer is the barrel ageing.
A little while ago I mentioned how too many people were putting too many beers into too many barrels and releasing the outcome into the world whether it was good or bad.
Well this one is definitely good.
The beer feels round and soft, a lovely damp woody hug that prickles with a dry white wine freshness.
Gooseberries and green grape skins provide a pithy dryness and the booze helps everything go all fuzzy and rich.
My daughter has just called me to go and tuck her in and all of a sudden this beer really is 9% and I’m reminded that it’s only Tuesday.

Source: Mad Hatter Brewing Co.

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