Bad Seed Brewery Farmhouse IPA (6%)

Farmhouse IPAI’ve gotten into a bit of a habit lately.
That being that Sunday evening, while watching Countryfile and eating bread and cheese and pickles for my tea, I have started to drink Saisons and Belgian style beers, looking for that earthy yeast hit to finish off the weekend.
I don’t know why it started, it just developed, and as a creature of habit, that is now what I do.
I even worry a little bit if I think I haven’t got the correct beer as Sunday looms ahead of me.
Last weekend was fine though as I had this superb little beer from Bad Seed to spend the early evening with.
Pouring a rich amber, the smell is lightly spiced peach and mango, it’s a round warm and inviting smell and it leads you nose first into the earthy depths of your first swig.
You find a very good toffee and pastry case malt, lightly salted caramel, some honey and a biscuit or two, and a shed load of hops.
Sharp and green and fresh, they prickle with nettles and hazel, mandarin, mango, guava and grapefruit, creating a super bitter finish that’s rounded out by the lovely fug of the yeast.
Happy Sunday.

Source: EeBria

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