Bank Top Brewery Port O’ Call (5%)

Port O' CallThis is a decent Porter even if I struggle a little to find the Port that has been added during brewing.
Actually, that’s not entirely fair as there is a definite warm plummy background and pithy tannin dryness to the finish that is definitely coming from the Port, it’s just I’d like it to be even more up front.
Port O’ Call pours a deep ruby and smells of prunes, chocolate and liquorice.
The malting is treacle tart and brandy snaps, some burned toast and a handful of digestive biscuit crumbs, and the hopping is a mown lawn and garden border flowers splashed with lemon juice.
All this makes for a beer with a finish that’s round and fruity and satisfying.
Regardless of wanting more Port presence I’d happily drink this again and again.

Source: Prestige Drinks

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