Cloudwater Brew Co. Table Beer Juniper (4.2%)

Table Beer JuniperPart of Cloudwater’s Spring/Summer range, this little beer boasts juniper berries and whole lemons and is, in a word, a delight.
Pouring a pale gold with a frothy little head, the aroma is lemon curd and countryside walks down leafy lanes, while taking a swig you find a superbly dry beer with a crunchy honey biscuit and brittle toffee malt.
The hops – Motueka, Amarillo, Citra and Galaxy – give you a big blast of fresh herbal foliage, lime leaves and kiwi, and there’s a very nice earthy warmth floating around in the background thanks to the yeast.
The lemons add a sparkly citrus brightness and the juniper berries lend a steely gin cleanness to the long bitter finish, making this an absolute joy of a beer.

Source: The Beer Hawk

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2 Responses to Cloudwater Brew Co. Table Beer Juniper (4.2%)

  1. IH says:

    I bought a bottle of this on the strength of this review, unfortunately I can’t share your enthusiasm for it! It has no body or substance to it at all. It has a nice nose, but on tasting it is so sharp and dry that it is actually rather unpleasant, and that is it as far as flavour is concerned. This beer was very disappointing.

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