Off Beat Brewery Odd Ball (4.2%)

Odd BallI first tried this beer when I visited Chester way back in 2012.
It was one of the very first CAMRGB events and I didn’t pace myself very well, ending up in a drunken heap at the end of the evening.
But I tried this beer early on in proceedings, at Kash, where I also first got to meet Off Beat’s Brewster, Michelle, who dropped in to say hello to the assembled throng.
Odd Ball is a super little Red Ale, rich and round and malty, it’s a big chewy toffee biscuit of a beer.
Pouring a deep red, the smell is strawberries and plums and garden flowers.
The malting is thick with toffee, digestive biscuits, a pinch of salt and some glazed brown sugar, and this is tempered by a sharp bitter hop hit that’s packed with woody hedgerow, zingy lime zest and soft mango flesh.
All of this and a lip puckeringly dry pithy finish, OddBall is super.

Source: The Beer Isle

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