There Is No Such Thing As Craft Beer

Please take a moment, if you’ve not watched it already, to watch this interview on BBC Breakfast TV with a founding member of CAMRA.

I’ve now watched it several times and have become more and more annoyed with each consecutive viewing.
Now, I don’t really like the term “Craft Beer” very much, as many of you already know.
But in this interview we have a founding member of CAMRA stating that, “Craft Beer does not exist,” before going on to list types of beer that do exist, including something called Luscious Ale.
Here we have a senior spokesperson for a large organisation saying that something isn’t a real thing when his own group invented the term “Real Ale” and is now happy to throw up all sorts of other inventions that he does deem to exist.

Further, and more importantly I think, he goes on to say that “Craft Beer” can include beer that has been mass produced.
Heaven forfend.
How on earth does he think the endless bottles of “Real Ale” sit on every single shelf in every high street supermarket in the UK, and that’s forgetting overseas sales.
There are a whole load of convenient truths being told in this interview and while it might not matter in the grand scheme of things, it’s a very derogatory way of talking about all our terrific breweries who don’t hold to the dogma of “Real Ale” as the be all and end all.

Yes, I expect trolling for this, and no, I won’t let it bother me.
But it is this blinkered view that is the very reason that CAMRA probably can’t change.
Especially, as I said in my previous post, when there are a specific group of people whose not inconsiderable incomes depend on it.

Maybe the BBC would like to talk to someone who does think that “Craft Beer” exists and to explain how they have inadvertently allowed a very one sided view to be aired as the truth on their news show.

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Founder of CAMRGB. Member of The British Guild Of Beer Writers. Leftist bigmouth. Old and grumpy.
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