Hart Family Brewery Tom Hingley’s Stout (4.2%)

Tom Hingley's StoutTom Hingley is a singer songwriter who was the front man of The Inspiral Carpets, a fact that I didn’t know until I got hold of this beer to review, for no other reason than I wasn’t much of a fan of the Carpets as they surfaced around the time I’d started to get really into the improvised music of John Zorn and Steve Beresford, and was slipping into the deep underground of cassette labels and the free-noise of Cock ESP and Merzbow.
I knew who the band were of course, and I think I may have known by face some of the members, having spent a lot of my time in the late eighties hanging out with John Robb at Manchester’s Boardwalk venue.
But regardless of all this, Hart make super beer and this is a super Stout that pours a deep dark purple brown and smells of chocolate coated prunes.
The malting is a thick chewy dark chocolate, plum jam and honey coated biscuits, and there’s a good woody pithy snap from the very English Admiral hops.
All this makes for a beer with lots of fruity sweetness and a good herbal bitterness in the finish.
Very good indeed.

Source: Hart Family Brewery

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