Sacre Brew Leopard 2016 (6.8%)

Leopard 2016Gwen Sanchirico is quietly going about the business of brewing fabulous and creative beer in Wolverhampton.
She doesn’t seem to care how many people know about her.
She just does her thing and if people discover it, then that’s good.
I may completely wrong, but that’s the image I have of her, and I love her for it.
And the thing is, Gwen makes marvellous beer.
Take Leopard 2016, for example.
It’s an Export Stout that pours pitch black and smells of espresso and Black Forest Gateaux.
The malting here is an absolute delight, packed as it is with coffee and doughnuts, chocolate cake, plum compote and cedar wood.
The Bramling Cross hops add a much needed sharp herbal slap, fresh and fragrant, brightening the edges of the beer and leading you to a big round and deliciously woody finish.

Source: The Beer Isle

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