Thornbridge Brewery Eldon (8%)

EldonWhat exactly is it that people find so great about Thornbridge?
I just don’t get it.
This Bourbon Oak Imperial Stout pours a nice enough purple brown but lacks any discernible aroma save for the weediest treacle tart smell.
The malting gives you toffee and some watery black coffee, digestive biscuits and bran flakes and there’s the softest hit of hedgerow hops that add a herbal snap to the edges of the beer.
But the addition of Demerara sugar just makes the beer overly sweet, and I find Thornbridge’s beer far too sweet anyway, and this makes the Bourbon Oak taste rather chemical and fake.
In fact it tastes a lot like Innis & Gunn whose beer I can’t stand.
No, I really don’t get why so many people think so highly of this brewery.

Source: Beers Of Europe

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2 Responses to Thornbridge Brewery Eldon (8%)

  1. James says:

    Thronbridge have done well in the recent world beer awards and consistently do well award wise. The organisations granting these awards are considered trustworthy and more importantly (unlike yourself) tastings are done blind, so personal brand preference shouldn’t come into play.
    (30 for 2015…)

    If you think the array of experienced beer judges and the various competitions are wrong, that’s fine. Opinions are opinions -but to say you don’t get why people think highly of the brewery sounds ridiculous after visiting that link and checking out how awarded they are over the past decade.

    • Yes, opinions are opinions.
      And this one is mine and I am entitled to it.
      If we were to follow your argument through we could draw a parallel to music and say that everyone should like boy or girl bands because they win lots of awards, but there are plenty of people who would say that they don’t understand how these bands are so highly thought of.
      I don’t like Thornbridge’s beer very much regardless of how many awards they might have won.

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