Arbor Crouching Chilli Hidden Mango (6.3%)

arborchilliArbor’s Crouching Chilli Hidden Mango is a Saison although I am not sure what the Wallonian farmworkers of yesteryear would have made of it.

It’s a golden beer packed with fruit and spice with a more than a gentle hint of sweetness and heat for good measure.

The French saison yeast contributes to the distinctive refreshing taste associated with this particular beer style as well as adding to the pleasant, tart aroma. Finally you get a gentle, lingering chilli burn aftertaste which remains for a few moments. Unless you repeat the process of course!

As for those farmworkers I am sure they would have enjoyed it as much as I did.

Sampled at The Taproom (Yep that place again. Well worth a visit if you are in Woolwich!)

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