Lost Industry Test Batch: Lost Steel Industry (6.1%)

Test BatchWowsers, this is sharp,
In fact this is so sharp that it made my eyes water.
Brewed in collaboration with Steel City, Test Batch is a Mojito Sour that uses every lime to be found in the north of England.
Jimmy tells me that there wasn’t a lime left in Yorkshire by the time he’d brewed this and Lost Lizzie, and I think he put the majority in here.
There’s also a pile of fresh mint added to this super little sour beer that has been aged on rum soaked oak chips.
The result is a beer that smells of freshly squeezed lime juice, garden mint and honey, and sits a pale gold in my glass.
Taking a swig you find that after the first intense hit that makes you want to rub your eyes, the malts peep through with a soft warm caramel and wafer goo that adds a much needed sweetness to the backbone of the beer.
The effect of the Bretanomyces alongside the citrus punches hard at your throat, delivering a keen sourness, and there’s some piquant greenery from the hops.
But it’s the weight of limes and mint and the salty edges to the finish that make this beer deliciously refreshing.

Source: Lost Industry Brewing

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