Poppyland Brewery Je Suis Bruxellois (6%)

Je Suis BruxelloisMore beery magic from Martin (@poppylandbeer) at Poppyland, this time it’s double fermented and aged on a must of roasted Jerusalem Artichokes as an homage to freedom of expression after the terrible events in Brussels a short while ago.
Only 195 bottles of this beer have been made, and if you can find one I urge you to grab it with both hands and enjoy the masterful way that Poppyland produces beer.
This pale gold drink smells of honey and sea air, sweet and salty and fresh with ozone, and taking a swig you find a spot honey and buttery waffles, the hops swiping across this with a sharp herbal edge, while the artichokes provide an earthy greenness, slightly smoky, they create an extra depth to the flavour and feel of the beer.
And all over the place spices sparkle and glint, little flashes of cinnamon and anise, popping on your tongue as you head happily towards the soft and bitter sweet mushroom finish.

Source: Poppyland Brewing

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