Cromarty Brewing Co. Rogue Wave (5.7%)

Rogue WaveSupposedly this is an, “Explicitly Hopped Pale Ale,” whatever that means, as I can’t see how the word explicit can work in that sentence, and further, “by picking [this beer] up you’re already on your way to being a true craft beer believer!”
The truth is that if I had picked this up as my first foray into “Craft Beer” I’d wonder what all the fuss was about and stick to my supermarket fare.
You see, Rogue Wave is bland, uninteresting, and strangely wimpy given its ABV.
I’m not sure how one explicitly hops something, but if this is the outcome then it means giving the beer a bit of sherbet lemon and some herbal leaves that get overpowered by the sugar candy and biscuit malt.
And with an aroma that’s a bit too washing up liquid fresh for my liking, I’m pouring this away.

Source: Beer 52

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