Legitimate Industries: Sail Like A Tiger! Very Fast!

When Legitimate Industries got in touch with me about trying their first two beers I knew nothing of them, and I didn’t think much about them until the cans arrived in the post.
I was immediately struck by the labelling and headed straight for their website where I found myself laughing out loud.
You see, Legit have set themselves up as a Tarantino-esque dodgy corporation, offering everything from gaming to beer to debt management, with a host of characters on the Board of Directors that’s screaming out for a Netflix mini-series.
It’s a really fresh and fun way of getting noticed in the ever expanding Craft market, but is the beer any good?
Well actually, yes it is.

Identity Theft APAIdentity Theft APA (5.3%)

This is Legit’s American Pale Ale and it pours a pale gold and smells of tropical fruit salad, sweet and rich and inviting.
There’s a good caramel wafer, brioche and honey malt, a little light saltiness around the edges, and then lots of hoppy goodness grabs your cheeks and kisses your face.
You’ll find passion fruit and guava, mango and peach, and then lots of sherbet lemon, lime leaves, grapefruit and a fistful of herbal leaves, all of which lead you to Identity Theft’s long bitter finish.
Very good.

Tax Evasion PilsTax Evasion Pilsner (4.4%)

Tax Evasion is a fresh and zingy little Pilsner that pours a pale gold and smells of lightly spiced apricots in a wicker basket.
The malting is creamy and light, all brioche and caramel, runny honey and bread sticks, and around its edges the yeast adds white pepper and sea salt along with a warm earthy spiciness.
All this is cut through by a slash of green garden herbs, bitter lemon rind, mown lawns and guava jelly from the hops which take you by the face and lead you to the crisp dry finish.

Source: Legitimate Industries

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