Six Degrees North Honey Bee Good (6%)

Honey Bee GoodI was taken by surprise by this and the result was that I was really thrown to begin with.
It was my own fault though, as I’d not read the label or done any research into the brewery, meaning that I didn’t know that the brewery are creating Belgian style beers using Belgian brewing techniques, and so I as expecting a Pale Ale with some added honey.
But what this beer tastes like is a superb little Belgian Blond with a little heather honey jacket wrapping its edges.
The aroma is fresh hay bales, honey and strawberries, and the beer sits a warm gold in my glass.
Diving in you find a very good toffee waffle, brioche and caramel malt, a sharp blast of hedgerow hops and a a lovely deep peppery warmth from the yeast.
All of this makes for a beer that’s sweet and round and fun and in the finish the honey pops up to add a satisfying stickiness to the beer.

Source: EeBria

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