BrewDog Hello My Name Is Ingrid (8.2%)

hello-my-name-is-ingridI didn’t manage to get hold of this when it was first brewed, but this second and possibly final brew, chosen by consensus from BrewDog drinkers, is rather good.
I had two bottles of it and couldn’t find the Cloudberries anywhere in the first one, but this bottle is packed with them.
And that is odd, as they came from the same place and the same time.
So it was a glitch in my tastebuds, I guess.
The aroma is a hefty berry and honey joy and the beer pours a rich gold.
There’s the usual solid BrewDog malt, all caramel and biscuits, honey, brioche, toffee, you know the sort of thing, and the hops are a sharp hit of sherbet lemons and gooseberries, grapefruit, kiwi and garden herbs.
The Cloudberries add a round chewy fruitiness to the background of the beer and work with the warmth of the alcohol to make the finish lightly tart and satisfyingly boozy.

Source: BrewDog

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