Green Flash Brewing Co. West Coast IPA (8.2%)

west-cost-ipaThere are some beers that claim to be fierce with hops, and some that actually are, and then there’s this little bottle of skull destroying beauty from Green Flash.
Brewed with Columbus, Cascade, Centennial, Simcoe and Citra, this beer is hopped to take your breath away.
The beer pours an innocent looking pale gold with a little fluffy head and smells of honey and lemons, but not the bells of St. Clemens.
There’s a malt body that just about holds its own, all gooey toffee, fresh pancakes, salted peanut brittle and burned brown sugar.
It’s a good malt, a spun sugar sweet malt, but as the hops take hold it takes a back seat while your tongue is burned and your teeth curled back, your synapses singed and you lips cracked by steely dry garden herbs, super fresh and frisky lemon rind, sherbet, grapefruit halves, along with a round and lovely papaya and mango fleshy fruitiness.
But it’s in the finish that this beer shows you it’s true colours as what little moisture you may have had left in your face is sucked out by the intensely dry bitter ending.
Super stuff, but not for the faint hearted.

Source: Delilah

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