Stone Brewing Co. Mocha IPA (9%)

mocha-ipaA double IPA brewed with cocoa and coffee, this is a lot of fun, if totally mental.
You see, it really works, once your muddled brain gets around to understanding what’s going on, the beer pouring a rich amber with a little frothy head and smelling of freshly made coffee and a dab of honey.
Then, taking a swig, you initially find a bunch of flavours more associated with a Stout or Porter, you know the stuff, deep woody coffee and round chewy cocoa, but instead of being coupled with dark brown bread and treacle, there’s all the light and sexy caramel and wafers, honey and pancakes.
And finally, to top everything off, the hops are murderously sharp and keen, bright slashes of metallic herbal leaves, tangerine marmalade, lime leaves and sherbet lemons, and they cut across the coffee and the cocoa and freshen everything up into the dry bitter finish that every good IPA should have.

Source: BrewDog Leicester

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