Twisted Barrel Ale Oblivion (6.1%)

oblivionOblivion is an Export India Porter and it’s right up there with similar beers from Kernel and DeMolen.
Yes, it’s that good.
In fact it’s almost becoming embarrassing how I faun over Twisted Barrel’s beer.
But believe me, and I know you do, that if I didn’t think much of it I’d speak my brains.
Oblivion pours an inky black with a memory foam head and smells of window putty and honeyed plums.
Taking a swig you find rich black coffee, inglenook ashes, burned toast, treacle tart and prunes from the malts and then a hefty thump of woody walnuts, crunchy red leaf litter, lemon bonbons and apricot jam from the hops.
The sum of all these parts is a beer with a finish that’s sharp and dry, creamy and bitter, and absolutely delicious.

Source: Twisted Barrel Ale

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