Lost Industry Brewing Cold Brew Black Heart (5.3%)

cold-brew-black-heartI’ll come clean right from the off.
I designed the label for this little bottle of Coffee Breakfast Milk Stout, but I’ll try not to be too biased in my review.
There is a lot of coffee in this beer.
Probably more than I should be drinking at 7.30pm, but I just fancied it.
Pouring as black as pitch the aroma is coffee, honey and walnuts, and taking a swig you find some toffee, molasses, biscuits, and a shed load of coffee.
It was roasted by Fraser’s and cold brewed and it hits you like a train, toasty and lightly smoky, you find your eyes bulging and your brain racing as the enormous bash of woody nuts and bitter chocolate fuelled by caffeine race across your palate.
At the edges the hops are a light sharp slap and the lactose makes everything smooth and creamy.

Source: Lost Industry Brewing

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