North Brewing Co. Herzog (5%), or I’m So Bored Of Beer Right Now

This review is written with apologies to North Brewing.
After all, the beer that drove me to write this succinct little rant is actually very well made, but…

herzogYet another lagered beer, so this is a Kölsch style, but it makes little difference to my lager-bored palate.
I’m getting so tired of the sweetcorn and caramel, the lightly spicy herbal hops, the white pepper and sea salt, the flowerbed aroma and the brown sugar finish.
I’m running out of things to say about lagered “Craft” beer because, well, because lagered beer doesn’t all have to taste the same.
It doesn’t all have to be pale.
It doesn’t all have to be a more hoppy version of clichéd golden high street pub rubbish.
Why not try lagering some beer with dark malts, try lagering some beer with a Stout or Porter bill for a change?
Lagering does specific things to a beer, it makes it softer and creamier on the tongue, so why not do what the breweries of Germany et al do and make a range of different lagered beers and give us something new to drink instead of everyone making the same old pale gold noble hop driven boredom.

Source: The Beer Hawk

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