Bluestone Brewing Co: Beer From Pembrokeshire

Until a couple of weeks ago I’d not heard of Bluestone Brewing who are based Pembrokeshire, but I got talking to them and they wanted to send me some beer to try.
And judging by these little bottles of fun I’m really pleased that they did.
Named after the local geology that provided some of the stone for Stone Henge, some one hundred and forty miles away, the brewery itself is built from this rock and the water that they use is filtered directly through the Preseli mountains.
More importantly for us, their beer is rather good.


pierre-bleuPierre Bleu (6.5%) is a Belgian style Saison and it’s really rather good, pouring a rich Amber with a fluffy head and smelling of lightly spiced pears and toffee.
There’s a rich sticky honey and brioche malt, crunchy biscuits and some toffee brittle making up the body, and over this the hops are sharp bitter lemon, pithy hedgerow undergrowth and grapefruit zest.
The Saison yeast adds a warm earthy fug, a tart edge and a little meaty mushroom tone to the soft brown sugar finish that is boosted by a chest warming alcohol kick.



summer-rocksSummer Rocks (4.5%), is a crisp and fresh easy drinking Pale Ale.
Pouring a warm gold with a frothy little head, the smell is strawberries and caramel with a hint of bread dough at its edges.
Taking a swig you find a lovely light malt that’s full of shortcake and honey, and it’s tinged with a very pleasant warm spiciness from the yeast.
The hops – all New Zealand varieties – give you a big fresh blast of fruity goodness, lime leaves and lemon zest, mango flesh and peach juice.
This is all glued together with sticky redwood resin and leaves you to a clean dry and very refreshing finish.


moonstoneMoonstone (4.6%) is Bluestone’s Porter and I like this very much indeed.
It’s rich and velvety, pouring an inky black with a good cappuccino head and smelling of coffee and treacle.
And there’s treacle tart at the heart of this beer, thick and gloopy, it forms a solid malt backbone that also provides coffee and toffee, biscuits and caramel.
The Bramling Cross and Fuggles hops bring a little liquorice root, lots of hedgerow greenery and a touch of lemon zest to the beer, adding a bright zip to the comforting chewy brown sugar finish.


Source: Bluestone Brewing Co.

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