BrewDog Beatnik Brewing Collective Imperial Red Ale (8%)

imperial-red-aleBeatnik Brewing Collective are a bunch of Equity For Punks members and this is their second brew at BrewDog.
Brewed by “Equity Punks exclusively for Equity Punks”, all the profits go to charities chosen by investors.
All of that is commendable, and the beer isn’t too bad either.
In essence this is 5am Saint on steroids, a Red Ale with a nuclear blast of booze thrown in, and as such it tastes very American.
Pouring a good Ruby red, the smell is red cherries and toffee apples.
The malting is crunchy dry biscuits, toffee and whole meal bread crusts.
It’s thick and round and gloopy, with some peanut brittle at its edges, and the hops are crunchy and red, an orange marmalade stickiness glueing everything together.
The alcohol bubbles away in the background warming you through and amplifying the flavours as you head to the Demerara and redwood resin finish.

Source: BrewDog

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