Durham Brewery Imperious (11.6%)

imperiousI urge you, if you find any of this beer, grab it with both hands, thank the shopkeeper and take it home.
You see, Imperious is an absolute beauty.
Durham have taken their already superb Temptation Imperial Stout and aged it for six months in oak whisky casks and in doing so they’ve created an absolute beast.
Pouring as black as pitch the beer smells of aniseed balls and plum jam, its little cappuccino head fizzing with fun.
Taking a swig you find mountains of espresso coffee beans, vanilla pods, honey, burned toast, charcoal, walnuts and praline.
And that’s just the first mouthful.
Because this is a beer that grows as you drink, unfolding endlessly, its flavours spreading off into the distance.
There’s a hint of lilac, lots of liquorice root, some bitter hedgerow greenery, a deep damp woodiness, lavender, star anise and rich bitter chocolate.
All of this is amplified by a chest warming whisky heat, some peat smokiness and a little sweet rum and coke right at the end.
Bottled as a limited edition, don’t miss this beautiful monster if you can help it.

Source: The Durham Brewery

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