Flying Dog Brewing Co. Carolina Reaper Peach IPA (6.8%)

carolina-reaper-peqach-ipaThis is a very clever beer.
Very clever indeed.
It’s one of those beers that allows you to taste all of its constituent parts while giving you a good kicking.
Pouring a pale gold with a nice frothy head, the smell is fresh peaches.
It’s so peachy in fact that you can almost feel the fuzz.
And taking a swig is nothing short of biting into a fresh juicy peach, with its sweet fleshy body and soft velvety skin.
And you taste it on its own.
Peachy goodness.
You then get a hint of caramel and biscuits from the malts and a good slap of green herbal hops.
And then there’s the Carolina Reaper chillies that really do sneak up on you and suddenly hit you full in the face with a searing heat.
It’s red and fruity and has a tiny bit of smokiness at its edges, but mainly it’s throat scorchingly hot.
And then you lift your glass to your nose and everything is soft and fruity and sexy again.
And that fruitiness lures you in, and before you know it the chilli hits you again, singeing your synapses, the malts and hops reminding you it’s only beer until around you go again.
I like this a lot.

Source: Beers Of Europe

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