Verdant Brewing Co. Headband (5.5%)

headbandVerdant’s well dressed cans certainly look appetising enough.
Fortunately, at least judging by this one, they taste good too.
And that makes me very happy as Verdant are based in Falmouth, Cornwall, a town that I lived in for half a decade and that holds a very special place in my heart.
Headband is a Pale Ale that pours a hazy orange and smells of tangerine skins, specifically when you’ve scratched them with your nails.
Go on, try it.
There’s a very good caramel and waffle malt, some white pepper and the oddest but weirdly pleasant tiny hint of blue cheese.
And there are hops.
Lots of mandarin and orange marmalade, grapefruit zest, a basil steeliness that sets your teeth on edge, sherbet lemons and a sticky redwood sap.
The finish is lip puckeringly dry and crisp.
Lovely stuff.

Source: EeBria

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