Beavertown Brewery Lupuloid (6.8%)

lupuloid-1Do you like hop juice?
You do?
And do you like your hop juice warmed through with boozy goodness?
And how about if your hop juice, warmed through with boozy goodness has just enough of a malt presence to give it balance?
That works too, right?
OK, what I suggest you do is go and find some Lupuloid.
It does all the above, pouring from its beautiful can a pale gold with a big frothy head, the smell is a big fat fresh fruity punch in the face.
Imagine being pummelled by boxing gloves made of oranges and and grapefruit.
That’s it.
As you take a swig you find a sharp sherbet lemon, lime leaf, melon and satsuma hop beast.
There’s some sticky woody resin and a whole bunch of garden herbs too, and the weight of hops adds a slightly soapy feel to the beer, making it smooth and slippery.
The malting is a soft brioche and pancake, honey and brown sugar pillow for you to rest your withered face on in between the hoppy punches of this delightful can of beery fun.
Yummy yummy hop juice.

Source: Delilah

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