Purity Brewing Co. Perro Tonto (6.2%)

Some years ago when I was first getting into beer in a big way I loved Purity’s Pure UBU.
It had originally caught my eye because I am a big fan of, and spent some time managing, the band Pere Ubu.
I emailed the brewery and told them so and we struck up a conversation.
In fact, along with Fyne and Hardknott, Purity were one of the first breweries to show support for CAMRGB.
Cut to the present and to celebrate ten years of UBU, the brewery dog after which Pure UBU was named, Purity have made a limited Amber Ale aged for six months in sherry casks.
It’s Pure UBU plus and I love it.
There’s a lovely vinous aroma as you pour, white grape skins, honey and peaches, and the beer sits a warm gold in my glass.
Taking a swig you can feel Pure UBU bubbling away in the background with its warm round malts full of toffee and biscuits, honey and shortcrust pastry, and there’s the leafy foliage of the hops with their nettle sting sharpness, lemon rind and mown lawn pithiness.
But in Perro Tonto you also find a deliciously sticky booze heat and a deep earthy woodiness from the barrel ageing which sees a slap of sherry in the soft treacle finish.
Here’s to UBU, the dog that inspired beer and a brewery.

Source: Purity Brewing


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