Northern Monk Patrons Projects 2.01 (10%)

Brewed in collaboration with Nomad Clan, Smokin’ Bees and Against The Grain, this is an Imperial Whisky Smoked Honey Porter.
That’s a lot of words to explain the beer, but they explain it perfectly.
And boy, what a beer.
Pouring an inky black, the aroma is plums and coffee and damp oak, and taking a swig that damp woody goodness is all over this beer.
It’s the whisky cask that the beer has been sleeping in that does it, and it adds a very nice chest warming heat as well as the lovely woody background.
There’s also lots of bitter chocolate and freshly brewed coffee, prunes, plums and lots and lots of soft honey.
But then there would be as a shed load of honey has been added after the boil.
It adds a rich round sweetness but doesn’t become overwhelming in any way, sitting at the edges of the beer and providing a lovely stickiness while the hops deliver a sharp green herbal swipe that helps pull the beer back from being too sugary.
The beer slowly builds as you drink, getting gradually more boozy and definitely more drinkable as you work your way down the glass.
And I have to say that the can is beautifully presented too, with artwork from Nomad Clan, a street art mural creating duo from Manchester.
How do I know this?
The can’s label very cleverly peels away, opening up a whole extra layer of information that gives you all the information you need.
Super beer, super design.

Source: Imperial Beer Club

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