Arbor Ales Super Yakima (9.5%)

When I first got to know Jon and the Arbor team they were brewing some pretty experimental, some might say ridiculous, beer.
They even made some beer in conjunction with CAMRGB which I had the pleasure of designing the labels and pump clips for.
Nowadays, with it becoming more and more common for breweries to make high ABV heavy hop bombs and stick stuff in barrels and cans and all sorts of stuff, it can be easy for me to forget just how exciting and mind blowing Arbor seemed.
This little bottle of amazing hop madness reminds me of why I loved them (and still do) so much.
This is the “Double” version of their flagship Yakima Valley IPA and it’s a monster.
Pouring a deep amber with just a little wisp of a head, the smell is an intense blast of boozy jelly sweets.
Taking a mouthful you find a solid gloopy malting that’s packed with toffee and biscuits, vanilla, honey and brandy snaps before the hops go to work on our face.
They prickle away with sherbet lemon and lime zest, peach and passion fruit, mown lawns and grapefruit flesh, and all this is glued to you with a big glob of orange marmalade and pine resin that leads you to a gloriously bitter dry finish.
Arbor continue to blaze a singularly super trail.

Source: Imperial Beer Club

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