Magic Rock Brewing Co. Big Dipper (8.3%)

Brewed in collaboration with Cloudwater, this is one hell of a Double IPA that pours a lovely bright orange and smells of tropical fruit sweeties, redwood and a splash of rum.
There’s a whole load of hops in here, and not just in quantity, but in type, with T90-Magnum, Citra, Simcoe, Eureka and Mosaic, along with something called a Cryo Hops Lupulin Powder – Citra, which sounds a little bit science fiction to me and is being trialled by Magic Rock.
And all these hops combine into a massive blast of hoppy happiness.
You’ll find all the citrus in the world in this beer, it’s sharp and pithy, fizzing with sherbet and deliciously bitter, and there’s a good, and much needed, mango and peach sweetness too.
The malts manage to hold their own amongst all this hop action, providing a brown sugar, honey, wafer and waffle body that adds some much needed depth to the beer.
And then in the finish you find a little hint of sweaty blue cheese and an alcohol warmth that adds a meatiness to the superbly bitter resinous finish.

Source: Hoptician, Doncaster

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