Yeastie Boys Bigmouth (4.4%)

When someone is good at something they can make everything seem effortless.
Like your favourite writer, musician, sportsman, you watch and you watch and you can’t quite put your finger on what the person in question does that makes them that much better, it’s just something.
And so it is with Yeastie Boys.
Here we have another Session IPA, and yet this beer is effortlessly better than ninety nine percent of the other Session IPAs out there.
It’s light and crisp and clean, bursting with passion fruit and kiwi, melon, lemon and lime, and there’s a good sherbet fizz to boot.
And there’s also a soft and subtle malting that’s creamy and smooth, chewy with caramel coated wafers.
Most importantly nothing feels thin or weedy as so many beers of this style do, all the flavours are big and robust, leaving you with a grin as you hit the long bitter dry finish.

Source: The Beer Hawk


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