Art Brew Ginger & Chilli IPA (6%)

It is so good to have Art Brew back.
Over the years they have gone from Left Field Beer Anarchists to dear friends who epitomise the heart and soul of what CAMRGB should be about (They’ve actually remained Left Field Beer Anarchists), friendship, excitement, positivity and Really Good Beer.
This Ginger & Chilli IPA is magnificent but not for the feint hearted as it is raw and raging with an earthy spiced heat.
The body of the beer is a solid caramel wafer, shortcake and honey delight, and the hops bring a lemon and melon, lime leaf and marmalade sticky bitterness.
But from the moment you pour you know that the ginger and the chilli are going to play a big part in this beer, the aroma of shredded fresh root ginger jumping up at you as the beer’s fuzzy head pops with life.
And as you drink a deliciously hot and sexy red chilli heat builds, it’s fruity and fiery and it’s underpinned by the earthy spice of the ginger, leaving you with tingling lips as you reach for the next mouthful.

Source: Duncan Murray Wines

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