Green Flash Brewing Co. Cosmic Ristretto (8.2%)

I like Green Flash a lot and this Baltic Porter with espresso makes me like them a little bit more.
And it’s all about the balance.
Where a lot of Porters with coffee lean so heavily on the coffee hit that they become thin and stomach churning, Green Flash ensure that the beer is thick and round and rich and that the coffee is an added extra rather than the main event.
And so you find a solid treacle tart, spun sugar, honey and brown bread malt, some rum and raisin chocolate and hint of tamarind from the malts, along with a good bitter hedgerow and hazel, lemon zest and redwood hop hit.
The beer pours a deep purple brown and smells of malt loaf and honey with freshly brewed coffee at its edges, and that’s where the coffee sits as you drink.
It slides in from the edges adding a delicious woody warmth to the end of the beer, a rich and delicious fresh espresso hit that works with the brandy warmth of the alcohol to give a finish that’s deep and satisfying.

Source: Hippo Beer

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