Modern Times Fortunate Islands With Grapefruit Zest (5%)

Fancy a wheaty lunchtime Hop bomb?
Look no further.
Fortunate Islands is a wheat beer brewed with heaps of Citra and Amarillo and a good twist of fresh grapefruit zest.
The result is a beer that’s bright and fresh and zingy, but with a smooth and creamy underbelly.
Pouring a bright gold with a big frothy head the aroma is Grapefruit and peach Melba, and taking a swig you find a soft gooey malt body that’s full of vanilla waffles, scones and shortcake and just a lick of runny honey, it’s sweet and rich and round.
And while the malts are being all subtle and seductive the hops are bright shining shards of lemon halves and lime leaves, the steely tang of metallic garden herbs and an earthy hit of fresh rolling tobacco.
If that wasn’t enough, the addition of the grapefruit zest adds an extra layer of fresh fruity sherbet fizz to an already big bright and bold, bitter and refreshing finish.

Source: Hippo Beers Behemoth Beer Club

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