Cloudwater Brew Co. DIPA v13 (9%)

Beautifully packaged beautiful beer from a brewery that I’m very fond of, DIPA v13 is I believe, the end of Cloudwater’s DIPA journey and I can’t find fault with it.
It pours a creamy cloudy peach with a thick cumulonimbus of a head and smells of fresh fruit salad with just a hint of bread dough.
But the real magic happens when you take a swig and find the most intense fresh fruit hit as the hops and yeast work together creating a massive blast of melon and grapefruit, lemon sherbet, satsumas, orange marmalade and sharp and steely garden herbs.
The fresh – yes, I keep using that word, but fresh is how this beer tastes and feels – rich joy of the hops is complemented by a solid salted caramel and honeyed brioche malt body while the alcohol adds a little background warmth that pushes the beer forward.
Find a can of this beer and drink it, it is simply the most delicious experience.

Source: Brewklopedia

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