Still Full Of Magic: Human & Unhuman Cannonball

How things have changed in the half a decade since CAMRGB began.
When Magic Rock won the inaugural CAMRGB Beer Of The Year competition with Human Cannonball (9.2%) it came in a pretty green and silver 300ml bottle and was head and shoulders above the other beers around at the time.
And now it has just been relaunched in a gorgeously designed 500ml can and is absolutely exceptional.
It’s crisp and fresh and bitter and sexy, pouring a rich gold with a fluffy white head and smelling of peaches and zingy citrus fruit.
There’s a solid chewy malt body full of caramel and honey, brioche and shortcake, it’s sticky and sweet with brown sugar and it creates a superb platform for the hops to jump out from.
And boy do the hops hit you.
There’s grapefruit zest and sherbet lemons, lime leaves, marmalade and a little redwood resin glueing everything all together as you speed headfirst towards the tongue twisting fizzy bitter finish.
As for UnHuman Cannonball (11%), it’s the beautiful monster that I remember, packed so tightly with fresh fruity hops that it takes your breath away.
The malting is terrific, seriously gloopy and providing a Demerara sugar and shortcake biscuit sweet and salty chewiness, and the hops just keep on coming, pushed forward by a powerful but never burning alcohol heat, hitting you with sherbet coated jelly sweets, mango, peach, lime leaves and basil, tangerines, polished oak, walnuts and green pithy foliage.
All this loveliness builds and builds as you drink, never letting up, not giving you a moment to reconsider as you slide towards the crisp bitter dry finish and boozy oblivion.
Magic Rock Brewing felt ahead of the game when I first discovered them at the beginning of the CAMRGB journey, driving up to Huddersfield to present them with their award.
Even then they were struggling to keep up with the demand for their beer.
They were early champions of canning and they continue to grow and expand.
And do you know what?
They still feel ahead of the game.

Source: Brewklopedia

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