The Kernel India Double Porter Citra Ella (7.4%)

Sometimes I go for a little while without drinking anything from The Kernel and then when I finally get hold of some again I feel a bit teary.
It seems too easy to forget just how good they are.
I mean, there’s so much good beer around these days you can easily become a bit blasé about it.
And then you get a taste of Kernel beer and the planets realign.
Take this little bottle of joy as an example.
It’s not just a Porter with a good hop hit, it’s a beautifully weighted, delicately balanced bottle of happiness.
The beer feels rich and thick and chewy, pouring an impenetrable black with a little fawn coloured head and smelling of chocolate and vanilla and garden flowers.
The malting is a deep and dense journey into dark chocolate and coffee beans, walnuts, honey and toffee pancakes, and the hops give you lemon bonbons, mown lawns, lime zest and a little orange marmalade, making for a finish that’s gloopy and sensuous but with a lovely dry kick right at the end.
The Kernel are still a little bit magical.

Source: EeBria

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