Villages Oboe (5.3%)

Another Beer from Deptford’s Villages whose packaging reminds me of all the obscure indie singles and fanzines that I used to buy.
Wrapped in a can that looks remarkably like it has been photocopied, I simply love the way that Villages’ products feel.
This one makes me think of old Hood records.
And that’s a very good thing.
But what about the beer.
Well, Oboe is a very good Porter that pours an inky black with a little cappuccino head and smells of ozone and bread dough and plum jam.
The body of the beer is a rich and round malting that gives you chocolate and prunes, honey, treacle and toasted brown bread, and the hops are a crunchy crisp redwood resin and autumnal leaf litter delight.
You’ll find a hint of zesty lemon and a splash of orange juice, all of which makes for a sticky chewy beer with a finish that’s equal parts brown sugar sweetness and sharp fresh bitterness.

Source: EeBria


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