Weird Beard Brew Co. Peat Rock (7%)

Oh, now this, this is sexy.
Not only is it a very good Brown Porter packed with hops, but it’s got a super earthy peat underbelly.
The beer smells of damp oak barrels and undergrowth, and sits a dense purple brown in my glass.
There’s a rich vanilla ice cream, toffee, custard and pumpernickel malt, some tamarind and honey, brown bread, coffee and chocolate, and there’s also a very good hit of marmalade, redwood, artichoke, pencil shavings and garden herbs from the hops.
And all of that by itself would make for an excellent beer.
But in Peat Rock there is more.
Firstly you find a warm alcohol fug driving the beer forward, and then you get this deliciously hefty hit of earthy meatiness, chewy damp woodland from the peat that raises this beer to, as my Norwegian girlfriend once pronounced, “somewhere completely else”.
Finally I think I know what she meant.
And so in homage to her, dette øl er utrolig.

Source: Cotteridge Wines

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