Bad Co. Brewing & Distilling Satisfaction (6.7%)

This little bottle of Brown Ale is a super thing to find on a supermarket shelf, and OK it’s Waitrose and not Morrisons, but still, credit to the buyers when credit is due.
There’s been a bit of a debate this past couple of weeks following my tweeting about my happiness at finding Wild’s Ninkasi in a supermarket, it was a discussion that got to the point of beer hipsters telling me I had no integrity because I buy some of my beer in supermarkets, explaining that I should only be spending my money in independent beer shops.
And while I completely understand why indie retailers might be put out that the likes of Wild and Bad Co are selling their beer to supermarkets, as a consumer and a passionate beer drinker, I will always visit and support my local indies and spend generally more than I can afford, I can’t solely drink beer from them as I can’t afford it.
My day to day beer is sourced from the high street, and so if I can drink something like this on a week night without it costing me a fiver then it means that the next time I visit my local indie I can spend a little bit extra as I’ve saved a few quid.
Anyhow, to the beer.
Pouring a dense Ruby red with a little ring of bubbles for a head, the smell here is garden bark chippings and honey.
The malting is all peanut brittle, honey, bran flakes and toffee apples and there’s a nice snap of autumnal leaf litter, tamarind and lime leaves from the hops.
All this makes for a beer with a good alcohol warmth and a lovely chewy spun sugar and pear juice finish.
But however good it is it won’t stop me wanting to get to my local indie to pick up some Kernel and Magic Rock, some Cloudwater and Twisted Barrel.

Source: Waitrose

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