Dancing Man Brewery Big Casino (5.7%)

Dancing Man Brewery is a brewhouse and restaurant in Southampton and this is their flagship IPA, and you know what?
It’s damned good.
Pouring a cloudy gold with a little foamy head, the smell jumped at me as I poured the beer from its can, hitting me with a big fresh blast of passion flowers, honeysuckle and peach.
It was such a big hit of an aroma that I actually made a little excited noise.
Taking a swig you find a beer packed with super fresh herbal delights, from mango and peach fleshiness, through nettle tea, camomile and fizzy sherbet lemons, to steely metallic herbal leaves, the hopping here is absolutely superb.
It’s also balanced beautifully against a vanilla pancake, caramel and honey brioche malt that forms a much needed spun sugar fuelled backbone, giving the beer lots of body, while the finish is dry and bitter and crisp.
I have to say, I wasn’t expecting this at all.
I was hoping for a half decent IPA and what I’ve found is something really rather special.
Now I want to visit the place and find out if the food is as good.
Fabulous stuff.

Source: Dancing Man Brewery

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