Tempest Brewing Co. The Alligator Man (9.2%)

Yet more greatness from Tempest, The Alligator Man is a Double IPA using Vermont Yeast along with Citra, Mosaic and Rakau hops.
It slithers from its bottle a rich amber with a frothy little head and smells of peaches doused in rum.
The malting is rich and round and gloopy, giving the beer a body you can suck like a sweet or chew your way through, it’s full of toffee, peanut brittle and honey glazed waffles, while the hops have an initial knife sharp herbal twang under which you find mango and guava, apples, passion fruit and just a hint of chives.
And if all that wasn’t terrifyingly good enough, the Vermont yeast adds a lovely big fleshy apricot and peach fruitiness edged with a little sea salt, and coupled with the rush of warm booze it pushes you towards the sherbet fizz of the bitter finish.
Monstrously good.

Source: Hippo Beer

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