Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. Clwb Tropicana (5.5%)

An IPA brewed with fruit juice, Clwb Tropicana is alright if a little sickly in the middle.
The beer pours a nice pale gold with a fluffy head and smells of those pineapple chunk sweets we used to get in a little white bag from the corner shop.
The malting is a soft caramel and shortcake, vanilla pancake and honey thing that provides a decent body, and the hops are a dry bitter hit of herbal leaves and lemon zest, mango and mown lawns.
The fruit juice that has been added begins as a pleasantly syrupy wash but as it builds it becomes rather too sweet for my liking and ultimately a little sickly by the end of the glass.
Not bad when served in a small can, I’d struggle to drink more than one in a session though.

Source: EeBria

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