Wild Weather Ales Skadoosh (11%)

This is a monster of a Double IPA, packed with juicy fruit hops and a good hit of alcohol, I just wish it had a bit more fizz.
The beer pours a deep amber from its can and smells of peaches in apple brandy, it’s lightly creamy ring of bubbles making up a tiny head.
Taking a swig you are immediately greeted by a rich toffee, biscuit, honey and waffle malt, it’s round and rich and gooey, and the hops come on all fleshy and bright.
There’s mango and peach, passion fruit, lemon zest and orange marmalade, fresh and lively and full of fun.
All of this is pushed forward by a boozy white rum warmth that drags you towards the brown sugar and jelly sweet finish.
But for me the beer needs much more life as it all feels more than a little flat resulting in a beer that, although it tastes great, begins to feel a bit oily as you work your way through it.
It’s very good, but it could be great.

Source: Imperial Beer Club

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