Žatecký Pivovar Celia Organic (4.5%) & Celia Dark (5.7%)

Celia is a gluten free Lager made with organic ingredients.
More importantly it’s pretty good, certainly it has more body than a lot of gluten free beers.
Pouring a bright gold, the aroma is garden borders and honey.
You find a decent caramel and biscuit malting, a sprinkle of sea salt and a wash of apple juice from the malts and yeast, and then a nice gently piquant hit of spicy hedgerow foliage, lemon zest and nettle tea from the hops.
All in all, especially if you have an allergy, this is a decent beer to turn to.

The Dark Lager version is even better, pouring a deep Ruby red with a little fluffy head, the smell is cherries and molasses.
Taking a swig you are immediately treated to a thick chocolate and brown bread malt, lashings of honey and a dab of vanilla before those same hops slip in with their herbal greenery and lemon zest goodness, leaving you with a finish that is round and sweet and soft, the heavier boozy hit pushing the flavours forward and warming the beer as you drink.
This is very nice indeed.

Source: Zatecky Pivovar

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