Oedipus Brewing Kinder Yoga (11%)

There’s something about a good Imperial Stout, and I love a good Imperial Stout, that’s all India ink, rubber balls and putty.
Or is it just me?
Kinder Yoga is a superb Imperial Stout and it is full of all the above.
It pours an impenetrable black with a little cappuccino head and smells of chocolate and blackboard erasers.
Taking a swig you find rich and bitter dark chocolate, rum and raisin, honey and toffee brittle.
There’s also a slice of brown bread and a splash of brandy, while the hops provide some much needed lemon zest and pithy hedgerow leaves.
And then, in the finish, you start to find a hint of rubber, putty and the indelible smack of India ink amongst the rich red fruit.
You know what I mean, don’t you?

Source: Chez Sophie

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